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Suzuki Eikodo - Sabletta Assorted Cookies

Suzuki Eikodo - Sabletta Assorted Cookies

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A perfect generous gift box for anyone who love delicately made Japanese cookies

This box includes 17 individually wrapped pieces of cookie in the following flavours;

*Butterscotch (thick butter cookies made with a combination of butter candy flakes)

*Wasanbon Cream Sandwich (sandwich cookie made with Wasanbon, which is fine-grained traditional Japanese sugar)

*Chocolate Chips Sable (Crisply cookie with sweet choc-chips)

*Rich Strawberry Sable (Cookie made with fruity sweet & sour strawberry flakes)

*Fermented Butter cookie (Nostalgic cookies with rich scent of fermented butter)

*Candied Almond Sable (Cute round-shaped cookie topped with sweet candied almond)

Best Before Date: 10 January 2022
Common Allergens:
Wheat, Egg, Dairy, and Soybeans