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Nisshin - Korean Style Pancake Mix Set

Nisshin - Korean Style Pancake Mix Set

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Do you love Chijimi? Then give this Nissin's twist for the Korean-style Chijimi pancake!

Prepare the followings:

  • Water - 120ml
  • Egg - 1
  • Cookings Oil - Tbsp 2
  • Seasame Oil - Tsp 2
  • Green Onion - 80g chopped into 3 cm long
  • Onion - 50h chopped into small pieces 
  • Seafood or Meat - 80g


  1. Making of the base of Chijimi. Combine the Chijimi flour and water into a bowl and mix together with a spoon.
  2. Pour in the egg into the bowl and mix. 
  3. Pour in all the other ingredients into the bowl and mix. 
  4. Add the Cooking oil into a flat pan, then add HALF of the mixture into the pan to cook around 4 minutes on one side, then flip to cook the other side for 3 minutes, then coat the sesame oil on top, as well as the included packets for sesame and sauce. (the estimated dimension is around 17cm wide and 1cm thickness
  5. Repeat the same step for the other half of the mixture. 

Best Before Date: 24 September 2022

Common Allergies: Wheat, Dairy, Seasame, Soybeans, Pork