Matcha Kit Kat, Matcha Blendy, Matcha Pocky

Matcha - Afternoon Tea Set

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What's better than a heavenly dark matcha au lait with rich matcha pocky?

If you're a matcha lover, don't wait and experience the ultimate matcha lovers' afternoon tea. 

The Matcha - Afternoon Tea includes:

1 x Blendy Matcha Au Lait
Each pack comes with 7 all-in-one individually wrapped instant containers so all you have to do is add to one cup of milk or hot water for a delicious cup of Matcha Au Lait with a fantastic creamy matcha flavor.

1 x Pocky Strong Matcha
These Pocky are crunchy biscuit sticks coated with rich dark green tea flavored chocolate. 

1 x Kit Kat Dark Macha