Tonkotsu Ramen & Takana Ramen

Ramen - Kyushu Set

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Kyushu Ramen is nowadays one of the most popular, due to having a strong-tasting broth consisting of pork bones and collagen cooked over many hours.

Whilst you can't travel to Kyushu now, why not experience it at home with our Kyushu set. 

The Ramen - Kyushu Set includes:

1 x Sanpo Hakata Tonkotsu 
The Hakata Tonkotsu is a light tonkotsu pork based soup with thin noodles. 
Best enjoyed by adding toppings such as red ginger, spring onions, sliced pork, boiled eggs and sesame seeds.

1 x Sanpo Kumamoto Tonkotsu
The Kumamoto Tonkotsu is a pork based soup with a strong flavour of sesame oil with fried garlic, which uses medium thin straight noodles.
Best enjoyed by adding toppings such as seaweed, spring onions, sliced pork, and boiled eggs.

1 x Sanpo Takana Tonkotsu
Enjoy thin wavy noodles in a rich Hakata style Tonkotsu pork bone based soup.
However the main punch of flavour comes from the 100% Kyushu spicy Takana (pickled mustard leaves) and sesame oil.