Acecook - PREMIUM Series Noodle Shop Hanada Rich Miso Ramen

Acecook - PREMIUM Series Noodle Shop Hanada Rich Miso Ramen

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"Men-dokoro Hanada" is now available in the "Taste PREMIUM of a famous restaurant you want to eat at least once" series!

Released in Japan in late November 2020, the quality of the noodles is similar to that of raw noodles, which have both firm elasticity and smoothness.

A rich miso soup with a well-balanced addition of rich red miso and sweet white miso based with pork, as well as adding the flavor of stir-fried Shinshu miso and vegetables, Acecook have created a taste that you will never get tired of.

Finished with crispy cabbage, bean sprouts, moderately seasoned meat shavings, menma, and colorful green onions.

Common Allergen: Wheat, Egg, Dairy, Beef, Seasame Seeds, Soybeans, Chicken, Pork

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Matt S.
Australia Australia
Took me back to Japan!

You may have never seen these cup noodles before but don't hesitate in purchasing them! They are absolutely delicious and reminded me of sitting in a small ramen restaurant in the streets of Tokyo. The soup is thick and creamy and the noodles just the right firmness, the only problem was, I wanted another bowl after finishing them because they were just so darn delicious!

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Thank you Matt! We hope you can enjoy these until we can travel again :)